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INTERREG IIIA project “Exciting Cycling in the BCL” is co-financed by European Union

Project "Exciting Cycling in the BCL"

The aims of project
To develop tourism and to contribute healthy lifestyle for residents of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus, to increase publicity of Baltic Country of Lakes products offering with target to attract more tourists for Euroregion “Country of Lakes” territory and to add extra value to instant tourism products.


   1. To fortify and to advertise formed velo tourism rout net of Baltic Country of Lakes with marketing activities and campaigns involving society.
   2. To increase capacity of human resources for Euroregion tourism specialists in planning and exploitation of routes, using GPS technologies.
   3. To improve infrastructure of active tourism in velo routes` net of Baltic Country of Lakes, setting up indicators of united design, elements of small scale infrastructure and nature protection.

Target group of project:

    * Local and international tourists
    * TIC employees of Euroregion`s “Country of Lakes” territory
    * Local residents (landowners, employers related with tourism, pupils, students etc.)

Information & publicity

    * 16 local seminars (for landowners, tourism employers and other coteries) in the beginning of project (planned activities, motivation to form rest areas and to admit tourists) and in the end of project (accomplished activities, GPS technologies and use of them etc.);
    * Velo marathons: 2006 in Rezekne, LV, and Glubokoje, BY, 2007 in Ignalina, LT;
    * Publishing of united design marketing’s materials (commercial booklet in 5 languages (LV, LT, RUS, ENG, GE), velo routes` guide in 5 languages (LV, LT, RUS, ENG, GE), special format for velo tourists (13,5cm x 23cm), 44 tearoff maps of routes (each in 1000 exemplars)) and purchase (badges, mouse pads and so on), A1 format posters, mouse pads etc.;
    * Website’s (Balticvelo) of velo routes net output (rout maps, that can be downloaded too);
    * Participating in 3 tourism exhibitions: Balttour 2007, LV, Vivatoru 2007, LT, 1 international exhibition in Germany;
    * Advertising campaign on TV and press of Latvia and Lithuania;
    * Purchase of 25 bicycles for Belarussians;
    * Closing conference.

GPS technologies in planning of routes

    * Purchasing of interactive maps and GPS devices for tourism information centres in Latvia and Lithuania, measuring and planning of routes;
    * Theoretical and practical training for 5 days – in work with interactive maps and GPS devices;
    * Exchange of experience tours to Holland for tourism specialists of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus (4 days).

Improvement of velo tourism infrastructure
With aim to improve infrastructure of actuve tourism, within the framework of project there will be improved 36 velo tourism routes: 7 in Lithuania, 24 in Latvia and 5 in Belarus. There will be landscaped 65 important places for society.

    * 489 route indications, 53 road signs “Carefully, cyclist!”, 41 stall with description of route and 96 stalls with descriptions about flora, fauna or object, and signs of country park borders/Daugava bends.
    * United design elements of small scale infrastructure: 66 summerhouses, 176 elbow-chairs, 94 benches without back, 128 waste bins, 40 toilets, 18 walker/velo bridges, 88 velo stands, 90 seesaws, 6 view towers, roof for Slutiski view tower, barriers, stairs.
    * Elements of nature protection: 68 bird-cages, 35 hoardings for antheaps.

All of wood constructions will be placed on municipal land or on JSC “Latvijas valsts mezi” land. All rest areas will be available for any society group or person. Accordant municipality or JSC “Latvijas valsts mezi” will take care about concrete route or rest areas.

Budget of project:
ERDF – 774763,11 (75% from ERDF project part)
National financing (LV, LT) – 258254,37 Euro (10% national financing, 15% - municipal financing).
ERDF TOTAL: 1 033 017,48 Euro
TACIS – 89600,00 Euro (87,86% from TACIS project part)
National financing (LV, BY) – 12500,00 Euro (12,14% from TACIS project part)
TACIS TOTAL: 102 100,00 Euro
TOTAL ERDF and TACIS: 1 135 117, 48 Euro

Term of project implementation:
December, 2005 – November, 2007 (24 months)

The project "Exciting Cycling in the Baltic Country of Lakes " is part
financed by the European Union Community Initiative INTERREG.