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INTERREG IIIA project “Exciting Cycling in the BCL” is co-financed by European Union

Cycling route No. 41 “Looking for the blue pearls”

Preventive clinic „Padsville” – Svila ancient town – Plisa village – spring near the village Yurkovo Gorki – Ginkovo village - Prozorki village – Ziabki village – Dolgoje lake – Sho lake – Ostrovo village – Bobruischina village (Bobruischina lake system) – Pieradoly village – Padsville urban village – preventive clinic “Padsville”
Distance: 120 km

Travelers will visit the most picturesque lakes of Hlybokaje region – Plisa lake, Svyadovo lake, Sho lake. These lakes are a part of Bobruischina lake system. Travelers will visit the deepest lakes in Belarus, too. They are Dolgoje lake with the depth of 56 meters and Ginkovo lake with the depth of 43,4 meters. Travelers will visit the center of Europe and an ancient town, where one of the richest treasures in Belarus was found. Travelers will make acquaintance with legends of lake land and with some historical and architectural monuments.

Plisa lake. The area of Plisa lake is 4,24 km2, its depth is 15 meters, the length of the coastline is 18,2 km and it has 7 islands. There is an ancient town not far from the bank. It belonged to the Krivichi and was a support base at settling on new territories. The ancient town was established in the 9th century A.D.

Plisa village. Paraskeva church was built in 1887. This building is a monument of architecture of the Pseudo Russian style.

Spring near the Yurkovo village.

Ginkovo lake. This lake is the third deepest lake in Belarus. Its depth is 43,4 meters, but its area is 0,51 km2, the length of its coastline is 0,4 km.

Prozorki village. This village is the motherland of the I.T. Buynicky, who was a famous Belarusian actor, producer, theatrical figure and founder of the Belarusian professional theater. His grave is in this village. A memorial museum of I.T. Burnicky is in Prozorki Secondary School. There is church of Mother the Divine built in the beginning of the 20th century and other architectural monuments of Neo Romantic style. The church Petropavlovskaya was built in 1090 and it is a real architectural monument of Pseudo Russian style.

Dolgoje Lake. It is known as well with the name “Belarusian Baikal” and it is the deepest lake in Belarus. The depth of this lake is 56 meters, its area of water surface is 2,6 km2, the length of lake is 6 km, but the length of its coastline is 14,9 km. Very rare crustaceans from the ice age added to the Red Book of Belarus are dwelling in Dolgoje lake. Dolgoje Lake is a reserve territory.

Sho Lake. The area of this lake is 7,65 km2. The deepest place in this lake is with the depth of 3,1 meters. The length of Sho lake is 4,2 km, the widest place is with width 2,1 km, the length of Sho lake coastline is 12,4 km. The lake has low banks, which are mainly swamped.

Center of Europe. Latitude is 55°10´, longitude - 28°15´. These parameters are calculated on the special computer program in “Belkosmoaerogeodeziya”. A center of Europe is in the aquatorium of Sho Lake.

Glory burial mound of partisans is a monument to partisans. It is ashore a Shosha river not far from Ostrovo village. It is established in 1970 in memory of the 1st partisan brigade’s battle actions with commanding officer A.V. Suvorov.

Bobruischchina village. The Church of Jesus birth is located in this village. It is an architectural monument of Pseudo Russian style. There is a Catholic Church, too, which is a monument of wooden architecture.

Bobruyschinskaya system of lakes. This lake system is located in the basin of Shosha river and consists of several small and picturesque lakes: Bobrovo, Krivoje, Beloje, Okunevo, Ksendzovo.

Leplyane village. A grave of Joseph Drozdovich is located there. He was a Belarusian graphic artist, painter, sculptor and folklore specialist.

Golubitskaya forest. It is the motherland of Y. N. Drozdovich where numerous plenary meetings of Belarusian artists take place, devoted to the famous countryman.

Padsville urban village. It is the second largest settlement in the district and it is located ashore picturesque Aloisber lake. There is a room-museum of folk creation in Podsville Secondary School. Works of Y. N. Drusdovich and his followers (N.I. Kolokolycev, V.Z. Matyushonok) are exposed in this museum. There is a workshop of wood carver V.Z. Matyushonok in this museum.

For lodging for the night two stops are offered near the lake Dolgoje and river Shosha (2 kilometers from village Ostrovo), in the village Pun'ki, Leplyane and in the preventive clinic of Padsville.



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