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INTERREG IIIA project “Exciting Cycling in the BCL” is co-financed by European Union

Cycling route No. 38 “The world is beautiful”

Braslau – Majak mountain – Akmenica spring – Strusta lake – Rubiez Village – Slabodka Village – Tourism complex - Nature reserve „Dubki” - Braslau
Distance: 78 km

Travelers will cycle through the most fantastic places of Braslau district. They will visit unique architectural monuments and will meet very interesting people. Tourists will be able to listen to ancient legends and stories and make acquaintance with district traditions.

Majak mountain – it is the higher hill in the Braslau district. In the beginning of the 20th century a tower - lighthouse was located here, but nowadays on the top of the mountain a view place is established with a splendid sight around.

Akmenica spring has water with healing qualities.

Strusta lake.

Slabodka Village. The Jesus Heart church built in 1903 of bricks is located there. It is an excellent example of pseudo romanticism architecture. Door forging is a monument of the decorative arts and the blacksmiths handwork.

Braslau City. This city is one of the oldest cities in Belarus and it was known already in the 21st century. A recreation centre is located in the city of Braslau. There are as well cinema, library, children sanatorium, schools, tourism complex, museum, crafts house, many historical monuments and sights.

Braslau Catholic Church. This church is built in the end of the 19th century of brick and stone. This building is an excellent example of Neo Gothic style architecture.

Braslau Church. This stone building is built in the end of 19th century and seen as a monument of architecture.

Castle Mound. This high mountain is of natural origin. It is the old center of Braslau with a view over the whole city. On the top of the mountain a memorial sign is placed in honor of city foundation. The famous doctor S. Narbut is buried in the castle mound.

Museum. The admirers of the age-old history will find much interesting in the expositions of history and folk museum.

Crafts house. The museum of craftsmen is located in the building of the mill built in the 20th century. Building is built of split stone and bricks and it was restored especially for museum’s needs. Different craftsmanship products made by craftsmen are put on display in the expositions of the museum. Tourists can admire wickerwork, textiles and different products of pottery, which are characteristic for the region of Braslau.

Tourism complex „Braslauskije aziory”. This tourism complex was founded in 1960 and works the whole year. Up to 600 people can rest simultaneously in this tourism base. There is a rental store, a boathouse, a landscaped beach, a library, a cinema, sport and dancing halls and a bathhouse.


Reserve “Dubki”. Tourists can see very rare plants in this nature reserve

Enclosures with wild animals are placed in the forest tract of Ratsky Bor. There are animals characteristic for Brasalu district and surrounded territories: roe deer, deer, wolves, foxes, wild boars and brown bears. There is a small nature museum placed on the territory of the pine forest, too.

Lake of Drivyaty. It is the largest lake in Braslau district, fifth in size among the lakes of Belarus. Banks are sandy and declivous. There are six islands in the lake with the total area of 0,92 km2. It is an excellent place for relaxation.



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Tourism complex „Braslauskye aziory”

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Recreation centre „Slabodka”

Slabodka village, Braslau district
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Tourism complex „Zolovo”

Zolovo village, Braslau district.
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Tourism complex „Drivyaty”

Drivyaty village, Braslau district.
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Recreation centre „Cerniski”

Cerniski village, Braslau district
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Association’s „Belenergoremnaladka” recreation centre

Hvosti village, Braslau district
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Recreation centre

Dubki, Braslau district
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Recreation centre „Caika”

Dubki, Braslau district
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Tourism complex „Alesja”

Uklya village
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Hotel„Postoyaliy dvor”

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