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INTERREG IIIA project “Exciting Cycling in the BCL” is co-financed by European Union

Cycling route No. 37 “Tour round the region Miory - 2”

Pierabroddzie – Zabaloccie – Dziedzina – Idolta – Prudniky – „waterfall” at Viata river– Pierabroddzie
Distance: 65 km

Pierabroddzie village. This village is located ashore the picturesque lake of Nobista-Dziedzina. Once this village was a city. The king Sigizmundo August gave Magdeburgsky rights to the local habitants in February 25, 1571.

Local sights are a wooden church of Sainted George (1910), preserved tailings of age-old farmsteads, the unique landscape and picturesque lakes (Absterna lake).

Zabaloccie village. The main monument of Zabaloccie village is a farmstead of G. Dmahovsky. This farmstead was built in 1742 and has preserved till nowadays with little changes. There is a monument to the countrymen, established in 1968 in memory to the 16 countrymen, lost in the World War II.

Dziedzina village. A farmstead was built in 1810-1820 years after the project of architect Vitkovsky. It was built as a rectangle with two floors with basement. It is a monument of classicism architecture. It is seen as a monument to the countrymen and was established in 1967.

Idolta city. A church in Idolta is located on the east side of the village near the road to Miory. This church was built in the modernism style in the first half of the 20th century. There are no similar monuments in the Republic of Belarus. Walls are made of brick and stone. There are pictures of St. Joseph and other valuable images made in the 19th century inside the church. The chapel is built in a late classicism style in 1862. A linden tree allay has been planted along the road to the chapel, part of it has preserved till nowadays.

Building of the farmstead in the village Idolta was begun in 1862. A well with the spring water is under the house. A wooden bridge is established over the Milashovskoje Lake.

Prudniky village. Tourists can visit a beautiful waterfall of the river Viata.



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Recreation centre „Aktam”


Muraski, Miory district
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Living in cottages, hunting, fishing, dining



Miory, Kommunisticeskaya street 10
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City Disna, Lenina street
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Hunting lodge

Mazurina, Miory district
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2 double rooms, located on the bank of the West Dvina, rest, hunting and fishing

Country house „Teresko”


Mazurina, Miory district +375 029 7182124

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Cafeteria „Caika”

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Cafeteria „Brigantina”


Cafeteria Orhideja”


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Cafeteria „Dvina”

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Local history museum

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Local history museum in Secondary school No. 3

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Crafts house

Disna city
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Children convalescence centre „Rosinka”

Muraski, Miory district
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