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Cycling route No. 36 “Tour round the region Miory - 1”

Braslau – Pierabroddzie – Kamianopolle – Miory – Braslau
Distance: 90 km

This is a locality of Belarusian lakeshore. It is a part of Polotsk Lowlands and outskirts of Braslau sublimity. A real land of the blue lakes.

Up-river bogs and undersized trees, relict plants and bilberry fields coexist on sandy uplands. There are steep hills, loamy plains, large fields with small areas of plough lands, forest-plantations, age-old oak woods and nice parks.

Our land is darling and close to the hearth. It is rich in wonderful places for rest and lands for labor. Big and small rivers go through our land, bogs and lakes are located there. Places are connected by asphalted roads and little paths.

Pierabroddzie village. This village is located ashore the picturesque lake of Nobista-Dziedzina. Once this village was a city. The king Sigizmundo August gave Magdeburgsky rights to the local habitants in February 25, 1571. Local sights are - a wooden church of Sainted George (1910), preserved tailings of old farmsteads, a unique landscape and picturesque lakes (e.g. Absterna lake).

Kamianopolle village. A manor - park complex “Kamenpol’e” is located on the territory of the village. It was established in the beginning of the 18th century. A landlord house, stables, ruins of smithy and an age-old park, where an oak avenue has preserved, and two channels with a bridge are included in the complex.

Miory city. The first written mention of Miory was in 1514. Miory has always been a small settlement, where buildings mainly were one-storey wooden houses of farmstead type.

The most beautiful place of the settlement is the territory between a street Kirova and a road through a dike towards Hlybokaje. That is the most picturesque place of Miory. It is circumfluous by waters of lake, covered by trees and shrubs, visible from embankment and environs of the south part of city. There is a small peninsula with a green forest and the church located near the group of concomitant buildings belonging nowadays to the hospital complex. All these sights make this district deserving our interest and attention. It is a characteristic historical place of Miory.

Ascension church is an architectural monument of the beginning of the 20th century (1907). It is a small brick building with two towers under high large tents and a triangle gable in the middle of the main facade. This complex occupies a prominent position in the town-planning of this locality.

History and folk museum works in Miory from 1994. Its general fund is made by more than 2 thousands of exhibit units.



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Recreation centre „Aktam”


Muraski, Miory district
+375 2152 25144

Living in cottages, hunting, fishing, dining



Kommunisticeskaya street 10, Miory
+375 2152 21271



Lenina street, City Disna
+375 2152 27386


Hunting lodge

Mazurina, Miory district
+375 2152 27264

2 double rooms, located on the bank of the Zachodniaja Dzvina river, rest, hunting and fishing

Country house „Teresko”


Mazurina, Miory district +375 029 7182124

Baths, hunting, fishing



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Cafeteria „Caika”

+375 2152 21301

Cafeteria „Brigantina”


Cafeteria Orhideja”


Cafeteria „Molodjoznaja”


Cafeteria „Dzvina”

+375 2152 27398

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Local history museum

+375 2152 21915

Local history museum in Secondary school No. 3

+375 2152 21153

Crafts house

Disna city
+375 2152 27430

Children convalescence centre „Rosinka”

Muraski, Miory district
+375 2152 25156
+375 2152 25112