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INTERREG IIIA project “Exciting Cycling in the BCL” is co-financed by European Union

Cycling route No. 35 “Tour round the Vierchniadzvinsk region - 4”

Vierchniadzvinsk – Polocka – Rossona – Lisno – Kurgan Dzruzhby (Burial-mound “Friendship”) - Vierchniadzvinsk
Distance: 280 km

his trip crosses three districts and is meant for experienced bicyclists. A route is created along asphalted roads with middle traffic motion intensity. The path of bicyclists is not separated apart. Approximately 40 kilometers of the route is going along countryside roads. Relief mainly even, in the northern part - hilly.

The most important sights of the route are devoted to the memory of the Second World War victims. First of all, there is a museum of partisans’ glory in Rossona and memorial Burial Mound “Kurgan Dzruzhby”. The route should be planned with the aim to take part in the festivity in “Kurgan Dzruzhby”, which takes place each year in the first week-end of July. On the way bicyclists will be able to see many other monuments devoted to the memory of the Second World War victims - soviet soldiers and partisans, warrior’s cemetery of fascism victims etc.

Other significant sights are: memorial sites to the killed in the war of 1812 in Klasticy, monument near the river Drysa to the general J. Kulnev and architectural masterpieces of Polock. Bicyclists will be able to visit as well a palace “Sokol”, which is built by Ivan the Sever on memory of the Livonian war and which is located near the Nisca river etc.

Bicyclists can prolong this velo route on one more day, cycling further about 25 kilometers to Lisno through nature reserve “Krasny Bor”, where there are many beautiful landscapes with blue lakes and green forests. Bicyclists will be able to visit a monument to reconnoiter Jelena Suravneva at the lake Hlybokaje. This route is created along the forest roads; therefore in dry summers in some places it is difficult to pass it because of sand. This route is more advised for the people fond of hiking.




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14 rooms, bed spaces - 47

Sovetskaja street 65, Vierchniadzvinsk
+375 2151 53271

Hunting lodge

+375 2151 52168

Hunting and fishing lodge

Potino, Asvieja village council, Vierchniadzvinsk district



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Minimarket, 16 seats

Sajcierava, Vierchniadzvinsk district


Villages of Asvieja, Sarja and Bihosava, Vierchniadzvinsk district

Bar „Labirint”

Sovetskaja street 47, Vierchniadzvinsk district
+375 2151 52470

Restaurant „Drissa”

Sovetskaja street 59,Vierchniadzvinsk
+375 2151 52370


Sovetskaja street 171, Vierchniadzvinsk
+375 2151 56600

Club „Belye varoni”

Kachanavichy, Vierchniadzvinsk district
+375 2151 29661