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INTERREG IIIA project “Exciting Cycling in the BCL” is co-financed by European Union

Cycling route No. 34 “Tour round the Vierchniadzvinsk region - 3”

Vierchniadzvinsk – Sarja – Rosica – Bihosava – Cinkaucy - Vierchniadzvinsk
Distance: 60 km

A route is created along asphalted roads, including highways with middle traffic motion intensity. The path of bicyclists is not separated. Between Sarja and Rosica about 5 kilometers of lengthways is along a graveled road. Relief is even, without ascending hacs.

In this route a visit to the Sainted Trinity church in Rosica is advised saluting to the saints Antony Lasevich and Jurij Kasiro, who voluntarily died as martyrs after their congregation in February, 1943. In addition in this route tourists can make acquaintance with different architectural monuments – with a wonderful neogothic style sample – the church of Sarjanska, with former palace ruins in Bihosava, with railway station building of Bihosava and with chapel in Baliny. There is an interesting and original folk museum „Hatka dyatki Paraski”. It was created by the writer Sergey Paniznik in the village Cinkaucy. It is possible to organize a visit of border checkpoint in Bihosava and to visit the motherland of the writer E. Samuilenk in the former village Bandeli.

On the way tourists will be able to see monuments, devoted to the victims of the war, including burned villages. Other objects are also interesting – blockhouses from screen line, formed during Stalin period in former villages of Zaborovci and Satrovo, Catholic and Jewish graves in Rosica, ruins of old manor house of Noviky etc.

If tourists wish, this route can be passed through in two days, staying overnight in Rosica. Every year in Rosica in the middle of August special events take place devoted to the saints of Rosica with common nightly devotions.

Driving through this route tourist will be able to make acquaintance with several nature objects - Sarjanka and Dvina rivers, Rosica lake and Sarjanska park.



Number of beds

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14 rooms, bed spaces - 47

Sovetskaja street 65, Vierchniadzvinsk
+375 2151 53271

Hunting lodge

+375 2151 52168

Hunting and fishing lodge

Potino, Asvieja village council, Vierchniadzvinsk district



Contact information

Minimarket, 16 seats

Sajcierava, Vierchniadzvinsk district


Villages of Asvieja, Sarja and Bihosava, Vierchniadzvinsk district

Bar „Labirint” ( 50 seats)

Sovetskaja street 47, Vierchniadzvinsk district
+375 2151 52470

Restaurant „Drissa”

Sovetskaja street 59,Vierchniadzvinsk
+375 2151 52370


Sovetskaja street 171, Vierchniadzvinsk
+375 2151 56600

Club „Belye varoni”

Kachanavichy, Vierchniadzvinsk district
+375 2151 29661